About Us

PlayRightMeow is your site for all things cat!

We cover everything from why does your cat eat grass to how to choose the best litter for your home and all the things in between, including food, toys and cat furniture. 

PlayRightMeow takes the time to review the best products and to test them out on the range of cats that I get access to in my life. It saves you the pain of scrolling through hundreds of Amazon reviews and being overwhelmed by how many reviews there are and how can there be so many 5 star reviews and so many 1 star reviews for the same product?!

The site will also provide you with information on lots of cat related topics, such as how cats often eat grass because they have a folic acid deficiency in their diet and which kitten toys actually pose a health hazard to your new little fluff ball.

And of course, there are a tonne of cat pictures for you to say Awww! at. Check out the Cats Galore! page and send in the cutest picture of your feline for our Cat of the Week feature.