Choosing The Best Cat Litter Box – Top 10 Best Litter Boxes Reviewed

Bet Cat Litter Box - cover
Written by Amy Wallace

If you’ve gotten yourself a cat, the chances are you’ve also gotten yourself a cat litter box. This is the space that you can train your cat to use as a bathroom. For city dwellers, this is a necessity as most city apartments don’t have garden access for a cat to use. However, even living in the country, I always had a cat litter box for my cats. Though we did just need the one for all three of them. They were usually outside when the weather was nice and were more than happy to dig up the rose bushes in the neighbour’s garden.

Choosing the best cat litter box may seem like a easy job. It’s just a box for your cat to poop in, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the best cat litter box. Some things we would probably not even think about, but they may have a big impact on your cat. Here, we take a look at what those things are. I’ve put together some reviews for the current best litter boxes available.


Unique Features


Best Cat Litter Boxes - Petmate Giant Litter Pan

Extra large for big/multiple cats

Side pockets for scoops and cleaning items

Easy access for all cats

Rating 5
Best Cat Litter Boxes - covered

Extra large for big/multiple cats

​Covered to contain litter while digging

​Carbon filter to remove smells

Large door for easy access

Best Cat Litter Box

Extra large for big/multiple cats

Covered to contain litter while digging

​Clear lid so your cat doesn't feel confined


​Large opening for easy access

Rating 4.5
Best Litter Boxes

Covered to contain litter while digging

Charcoal filter to eliminate smells

Shaped to fit into a corner for easy storage

Large opening for easy access

Rating 4.5
Best Litter Box - plant

Incognito disguise as a plant pot​

Covered to contain litter while digging

Large opening for easy access

Filtered venting system to minimize

smells and dust

Rating 4.5
Best Litter Box

Extra large for big/multiple cats

Large opening for easy access

Easy to clean shape and non-stick material

Rating 4.5
Best Cat Litter Box

Fully automatic self cleaning

Stores clumps in carbon filtered drawer

Large entrance for easy access

Uses regular litter and liner, no extra

accessories needed

Suitable for cats weighing more than 5lbs​

Rating 4.5
Best Litter Box For Cats

Top entry to contain litter

Seamless base to avoid leaks

Comes with scoop and customized liner


Rating 4.5
Best Litter Boxes

Comes as a complete set with litter box,

pellets, scoot and mats

​Pellets filter and separate solid and wet


Pads absorb urine and remove odours​

Rating 4.0
Cat Litter Box

Self cleaning so no scooping

Super easy to use, just roll it

Filters clumps out of clean litter into

separate container

Covered to contain litter and smells

Rating 4.0

Litter Pans

Best Litter Box - Litter Pan

Litter pans are probably the simplest and most well known litter box for cats. They take up the least amount of space and cost less than the rest. It’s simply and open tray that your cat can step in and out of easily. There’s lots of room to move around and your cat never feels confined when using it. It’s also very easy to clean and change the litter as you don’t have to dismantle anything.

There are some drawbacks of using a litter pan, like with everything else. If your cat likes to dig excessively, it can kick the litter over the edge of the tray and onto the floor. Also, the contents of the litter tray are always visible and the smell is not as confined as it is with other types of litter boxes.

Covered Litter Boxes

From a cat owner’s perspective, a covered litter box seems like the perfect solution. It’s neat and clean looking and covers anything your cat leaves in there. So if you get some surprise visitors, there’s no unsightly clumps in sight.

Best Cat Litter Box - Covered Litter Box - privacy

It also gives your cat some privacy, again more noticeable when you have guests. It’s always slightly awkward when you’re in the middle of a chat and a cup of tea and your cat starts digging, scraping and squatting. It’s probably also a bit embarrassing for the poor cat having everyone stop and watch it poop.

Covered litter boxes are a good option for indoor cats. They tend to trap odours, at least a bit, and keep the litter inside the box. Handy for those vigorous diggers. However, some cats will just dislike it as they feel trapped inside (all cats are slightly claustrophobic). There may not be enough space for larger cats to be able to move around much once in there. You also have to remember to manually check it to make sure it’s clean, as you won’t actually see it on a daily basis.

Automatic/Self Cleaning Boxes 

Automatic litter boxes are perfect for those who have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to clean a litter tray daily. The way it works is that after your cat is done using the litter tray, the litter tray itself will remove the lumps. It then stores them somewhere sealed away for you to deal with later. You still have to empty the storage box pretty frequently. However, it does mean that while you’re at work all day, the litter tray is clean for your cat to use.

This is especially important if you have multiple cats using the same litter box. If the is too full, too smelly or your cat deems it not clean enough, it’ll just go somewhere else. I know from experience that the worst thing to come home to at the end of a long day is the smell of cat pee. The rest of your night is then dedicated to sniffing out where the heck the smell is coming from so you can spray it with Dettol. This is no easy task, especially if the pee is old and has dried in so you can’t even look for a wet spot.

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Boxes

Things that make a litter box great are:

  • The size; is it big enough for your cat and does it fit where you want it to go?
  • The usability; can your cat easily get in and out of it?
  • Convenience of maintenance; is it easy to clean and refill?

The following litter trays have been rated by hundreds and sometimes thousands of users and tested on a large variety of cats. I’ve collated it all here to give you as much information as possible for making your choice and choosing the best litter box for your cat.

Petmate Giant Litter Pan (4.8/5)

Best Cat Litter Boxes - Petmate Giant Litter Pan

This simple litter tray has won top place in the ranks. It’s designed in the USA using quality materials and with your cat’s health in mind. It holds more than 30 pounds of litter and is ideal for large cats of multiple cats. The higher walls help keep the litter in the tray and it has some handy storage compartments on the side for the cleaning utensils, scoops, disposable bags and deodorizers, etc.

Most Common Complaints

  • It was bigger than expected (a 5 year old child can fit in this box!)
  • The rounded corners make it difficult to clean
  • The pockets are not needed, people don’t really know what to do with them and would prefer to have either more space or a smaller box.

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box (4.6/5) - Amazon Best Seller

Best Cat Litter Boxes - covered

The Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box is a great solution for larger indoor cats or a house with multiple cats. It’s a jumbo sized box with enough room for even large cats to turn around in. It contains a carbon filter to trap smells from the contents. The door opens all the way so that you can clean it easily without having to dismantle the whole things. However, the lid also unclips, making it easy to take apart when needed. It also gives the option to use the box without the door or with half of the lid, making it partly open for those claustrophobic kitties while still confining the litter and waste.

Most Common Complaints

  • Several people have reported that the door can get stuck, leaving the cat trapped inside or outside.
  • The clips holding the lid on are not always secure.
  • The top and bottom overlap, which can occasionally result in urine getting into the seam if the cat sprays up the side or doesn’t squat. It doesn’t leak out so your floor is safe, but it sits in between the top and bottom until you clean it and it can be awkward to remove.
Bet Litter Boxes For Cats

The Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is again designed for multiple or massive cats. It has a large opening with no door and a clear top to make sure your cat feels safe and not confined while inside the box, but while trapping the litter and smells. The pan has high sides to make sure that any spray is kept in the box. The plastic material that this cat litter box is made from is manufactured for durability so will withstand a lot of scratching and digging. It’s also non-stick for easy cleaning and comes in a full rainbow of colours. The Amazon page for this product is actually really cool and has a lot of information about the litter box’s specifications and how to use it.

Most Common Complaints

I have to say, I did have to look quite hard to find common complaints for this box, but here they are:

  • Several people received this cat litter box damaged with a crack in the lid. It may be that the plastic is a bit too fragile for transporting.
  • A few litter boxes arrived without all 4 clips for attaching the lid to the box.
  • If your cat pees directly on the clip, this area is not so watertight and it can leak at these points.
Best Litter Boxes

The Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box is the perfect box for a small home. It fits discretely into a corner, taking up half the space of a square litter box while giving your cat a wide opening to get in and out of. There’s a built in charcoal filter to help eliminate smells and the plastic is non-stick to make it easy to clean. The plastic is also designed to be antimicrobial, helping to keep your cat’s litter box a cleaner, less smelly environment for your cat. The lid unclasps to be removed for easy cleaning.

Most Common Complaints

  • The large entryway results in a fair amount of litter being tracked out of the box.
  • It was bigger than expected for a tuck-away box.
  • The lid fits over the bottom pan, so if your cat pees onto the side of the box, urine can get trapped in the seams between the top and bottom parts.

Cat Litter Box - hidden litter box plant

The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box is one of my favourites simply because it looks like a plant pot and I think that’s quite cool. It’s made of polypropylene and has a filtered venting system to minimise odours and dust. The size is big enough for large cats or multiple cats, partly due to its round shape. The opening is large enough to make it easy to clean, but it doesn’t take liners without them showing. If you don’t want to put the litter directly into the pot, the Little Giant Farm Pan fits perfectly inside and is one of Amazon’s best selling products.

The general consensus for this litter box seems to be that it’s a good cat litter box, but maybe a bit overpriced for the overall quality of the product. Still, 1,313 people have rated it with 5 stars and are perfectly happy with it after a bit of customizing.

Most Common Complaints

  • The fake plant looks a bit cheap and the moss falls out, but this is easily changeable to a plant of your choice and you can take the moss off and replace with marbles or chips if you so wanted.
  • Many people feel that they after paying a premium for this litter box, they shouldn’t have to then pay extra to customize it. It should have come slight higher quality than it did.
  • Many cats seem to think that the plant is a toy and have taken to attacking it whenever it moves in a breeze.

Other Quality Litter Boxes

The following litter boxes didn't quite make it into the Top 5, but at positions 6-10 they still deserve some recognition and are worth mentioning.

Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box (4.4/5)

Best Litter Box
  • High sides to contain litter in the box.
  • Wide, low opening for easy entry.
  • Non-stick material for easy cleaning
  • Jumbo sized for large cats or multiple cats
  • Easy to clean shape with a scooped entrance for pouring litter out.
Best Cat Litter Box
  • Fully automatic, self cleaning litter box
  • Collects waste in a separate compartment with a light to let you know when it’s full
  • Large opening for easy access
  • Senses your cat by its weight so it knows when the litter has been used
  • Carbon filtered to eliminate smells
Best Litter Box For Cats
  • Top entry to contain litter
  • Seamless base to prevent leaks
  • Dog-proof
  • Inner liner makes it easy to clean
  • The roof doubles as a walk-off mat, stopping litter being trailed along on your cat’s feet
Best Litter Boxes
  • Kit includes litter box, specialized pellets, scoop and absorbent pads
  • Pellets filter solid waste for easy cleaning
  • Urine is filtered through onto absorbent, odour containing pads
  • Pellets are anti-tracking to contain litter in the box
  • Storage tray for extra pads to keep them handy
Cat Litter Box
  • No scooping, just roll the box and it filters everything
  • Super easy and quick to use, reducing cleaning time
  • Covered to contain litter and smells
  • Requires clumping litter to separate waste
  • No electricity needed

Other Things To Consider

When choosing the best cat litter box for your home you have to consider a number of things along with just the design of the litter box. Cats are very particular about where they’ll use a litter box so you have to think about where the the box is going to be in order to pick one that’s the right shape and size for its location.

The type of litter is also important. Again, cats can be pretty selective about which litters they’re willing to use and some litter boxes, like the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box and the Purina Breeze box require certain types of litter to work optimally. If your cat refuses to use these litters then the tray becomes less useful than it was when you bought it.

The size is an important consideration when you have an extra large cat or more than one cat. Small litter boxes don’t give larger cats enough space to turn around in and will make them feel trapped if it’s covered. They also get full and smelly more quickly, especially with multiple cats, so you’ll have to clean it more often to make sure that your cat doesn’t go somewhere else in disgust.

An alternative to litter boxes is to toilet train your cat. This is not suitable for all cats, but if you have a relatively fit and able indoor cat, this could be worth considering.

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