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Best Cat Scratching Posts And Cat Trees

Cat Scratching Post
Written by Amy Wallace

All cat owners love cats. They bring joy, comfort and laughter to a home and a happy cat makes for a happy home and undamaged furniture. Bored cats become destructive, so you want to keep them stimulated, comfortable and able to act on their natural behaviour. Indoor cats have the same instinct that their outdoor counter parts have, to scratch, climb and at times go wild. Scratching is a normal, instinctive behaviour and you don't want to discourage it completely. Instead you want them to move away from your furniture and wooden banister that you’ve just sanded and polished and onto acceptable objects, like scratching posts and cat trees.

Cats instinctively scratch and claw and would normally do so against a tree or rough surface to keep their claws trimmed and remove the dead outer layer as well as to mark their territory. Scratching is a way of laying claim the area with a visual mark and a scent to prevent any old Tom cat from prancing in their hood. They also enjoy stretching their bodies and flex their feet and claws. Interesting cat fact: Cats have scent glands on their paws. You’ve probably seen this behaviour around your home. Enter; the cat scratching post.

The ideal cat scratching posts or cat trees would be anything with a nubby, coarse or textured surface, or something they can really sink their claws into. When your cat is scratching, do they like to stand up against a vertical surface or get horizontal and throw their butts in the air like they just don’t care, for a good stretch? Once you’ve identified your cat’s favourite scratching preference you can decide which cat scratching post to get.

After purchasing a cat scratch post or cat tree, placement is just as important. Put it at their favourite spot. Where they go for a good scratch and stretch when they wake up; by the front door to dig in after they’ve greeted you. Depending on the layout of your home, place posts on prominent spots on each level or in selected rooms. This will encourage your cat to use the scratching post instead of your furniture.





Scratch Lounge cat scratching posts

​Scratch Lounge

Three sided scratcher.

Can be used to scratch, lounge and sleep.

Comes with reversible lounge spot, scratchpad replacement and catnip.

Made from 100% recyclable materials.​

Rating 5
PetFusion Ultimate Scratcher Lounge cat tree

PetFusion Ultimate Scratcher Lounge

Amazon #1 best seller.

Made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue made from corn starch.

Curved shape for excellent lounging and stretching.

Suitable for large or multiple cats.

6 month warranty.

Rating 5


Sisal rope covering for optimum scratching.

Covered platforms to provide soft sleeping spots.

Accessories, toys and hammocks keep kitties entertained.

Strengthened, weighted base for stable foundation while playing and jumping.

Rating 4.5
Armakat Cat Tree cat scratching post

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Comes in a variety of sized and colours.

Requires assembly on arrival, so you can put it together into any configuration you want.

Accessories, toys and hammocks keep kitties entertained.​

Rating 4.5
Simple Sleeper Scratch Post cat trees

Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

Handmade and arrives pre-assembled.

Available in a variety of colours.

Large beds for cats to sleep in.

Sisal rope covering for optimum scratching.

Rating 4.5

Scratch Lounge - Reversible Cardboard Cat Scratch Post with Floor Refill and Catnip (5/5)

Scratch Lounge cat scratching posts

The Scratch Lounge has multiple functionalities. It’s a scratch post that also serves as a lounger. It's big enough for cats of all shapes and sizes and adds a sense of security with the side walls. This option is a good investment if you’re introducing a scratch post for the first time. The Original Scratch Lounge is the first 3-sided scratcher that your cats can use to sharpen their claws, as well as providing a place to lounge and sleep. The super dense honeycomb construction of the scratch pads makes The Scratch Lounge last longer than any other scratchers. Corrugated cardboard is a great material for scratching and is 100% recyclable. The Scratch Lounge is made fully from recyclable materials and contains no harmful ingredients.


  • Due to it being reversible and getting a refill, this Scratch Lounge will stand the test of time.
  • Comes with one floor refill scratch pad (also reversible) and catnip.
  • The Scratch Lounge is reversible.
  • Durable for multiple cats to use and withstands excessive wear and tear.
  • The consensus is that the cats LOVE it.
  • The cats no longer scratch the furniture.


  • The cats don’t like to share and you might need to get a couple if you have more than one cat.
PetFusion Ultimate Scratcher Lounge cat tree

If you're fed up replacing mediocre scratching pads and you want the mother of all cat scratchers, then you should get the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. It is huge, with dimensions at 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches. Measuring at 86cm wide, make sure you have enough space for this bad boy. Every inch of this Cat Scratcher Lounge can be scratched and is reversible for twice the use. It’s a scratcher, lounger and also includes premium USA organic catnip leaf. It’s large surface area can hold multiple or larger cats while providing generous scratching space. Its modern, attractive design in neutral colours will fit in any room. Ideal for natural scratching, great exercise, and a stress reliever while they climb, play and sleep on it.

PetFusion Ultimate Scratch Lounge cat furniture


  • Tight, solid construction combined with a beautiful, modern design
  • Increase their interaction by mounting it on the wall for them to survey the house
  • Neutral colours look great in any room
  • Great size for bigger cats or multiple cats
  • Scratcher is durable and solid enough not to lift or tip over even with the roughest of cat play
  • 6 Month Warranty


  • Some cats don’t find the catnip leaf appealing.
  • Cat hair collects in the grooves.
  • The cardboard shreds easily and leaves cardboard flakes around the area and the house.
  • It looks worn quickly.

This SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo will bring your cats pure joy as they scratch, climb, sleep and play to their hearts content on multiple platforms. This cat tree is well balanced and sturdy enough to handle your cats going crazy on it at all ages. It has ten scratching posts covered in sisal rope and is perfect for climbing, scratching and keeping your cats off your furniture. Your cats won’t wear out the scratching posts anytime soon.

There are different perched levels covered in smoky grey, soft, high-quality plush fabric, each offering a different vantage point for your cats. The Cat Tree Condo has a variety of features, including a hanging rope, plush hanging balls and the hammock and condo house so your cats can enjoy their cat naps at various elevations. Entertainment tip: place it by the window for bird watching. Simple screw-together assembly is required, but a detailed instruction manual and parts are provided.


  • It is a very sturdy for its height.
  • The fabric used is very soft, and the two top perches are well padded making it comfortable for sleeping.
  • Good quality, sturdy and durable with enough scratching posts.
  • The Cat Tree Condo is good-looking.
  • It is so easy to assemble, a 9-year-old can do it within 15 – 30 minutes.
  • It comes with two extra pompoms (balls) or a replacement mouse


  • The fabric is a little on the thin side. It's almost like a synthetic velour.
  • Some packages arrived without the essential parts to put the item together. No screws, bolts or wrench to assemble it.
Armakat Cat Tree cat scratching post

This multi-functional cat tree has multiple levels, platforms, scratching posts and condos. It comes in a range of sizes to accommodate your room and your cats. Each Cat Tree Furniture Condo has a different design and elements to it, from the entry level design to the deluxe model for the more advanced climbers. It’s covered in faux fur and the colours vary depending on which cat tree you choose.


  • The max holding weight range from 50 – 80 pounds, accommodating most cats.
  • Additionally, since your cat tree is built to last, you can get replacement parts from the manufacturer whenever—and if ever—they are needed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing once assembled.
  • It is easy to assemble taking 20 – 40 minutes.
  • It is solid, sturdy, stable, large and good quality.


  • There is concern about the small porthole window in the bottom condo. It should be made larger or eliminated altogether as it risks the cat’s head getting stuck.
  • The ramps are of thin compressed particle board (not plywood) and some looked like they fractured, and then "crumbled" when the screws were put in during the pre-assembly at the factory.
  • The little condos are not padded.
  • There appears to be a toxic odour, the strong smell of chemical gluethat off-gasses fills the entire room when the tree is first assembled.
Simple Sleeper Scratch Post cat trees

The Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post is awesome cat furniture with large beds and rest areas. It allows big cats (or multiple ones) to lounge, stretch, and play. The all-natural, thick sisal rope is ideal for your cats to dig their claws into. This premium, handmade, high-quality cat furniture is made from scratch in the U.S.A. and requires no assembly. Because this furniture is handmade and not "Modular", you'll get the sturdiest upright post. They also use solid pine poles and wood in their construction along with heavy duty screws and bolts to build a piece of furniture that is more furniture than scratching post. It’s stable and sturdy and will outlast the crazy turns your cats spend attacking it.


  • It comes in a range of colours, such as burgundy, blue, tan and beige.
  • There are large beds and rest areas for all sized cats.
  • It’s easy to keep clean, just vacuum the hair or wipe it down with damp cloth. Don't soak or pressure wash it though.
  • The structures is very sturdy and good quality


  • You might need to get more than one to keep the peace with territorial cats.
  • The main complaint is the quality of carpet used. It started shedding almost immediately after arriving, bald spots appeared on the perches and pieces of carpet can end up everywhere.
  • There’s a strong chemical glue smell when it first arrives.

Scratching posts are one of the essential pieces of cat furniture that a cat owner should have. Not only is it good for your cat as they get to sharpen their claws, which is much needed, but it's also good for your sanity. No more shouting at the cat for using the corner of the couch, the carpet, the wooden frame around the shower, the banister on the stairs... They have something that is just their own and they can shred it to their heart's content. 

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