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The Best Kitten Toys: Top 5 Types Of Cat Toys For Your Kitten

Best Kitten Toys
Written by Amy Wallace

When cats are young, that’s when they are at their most playful. Some people think that cats are pretty solitary, independent animals. For some cats this can be true. However, especially with kittens and indoor cats, many of them still need a lot of attention. After warm, fluffy cuddles, playing is the best part of having a kitten. They are full of energy and curiosity. Playing is also an important learning tool for kittens and kitten toys can help them learn to pounce, stalk and chase.

There are loads of toys out there for you to play with and so much fun to be had with them all that it’s hard to choose just a few. It's important to make sure that you're picking toys that are safe for your kitten. You will also need a few toys to keep them active on their own too. You won’t always be around and you won’t always be able to play when you are. To help you out, I’ve picked out some of the best kitten toys I’ve tried. So now you have a starting point in your kitten toy shopping adventure. You can even check out which cats toys to avoid and why here.

Things On Strings

Kittens love to chase things and have a great time tearing at them when they’re finally caught. For this reason, it can often be wise to have a toy that is attached to something other than your hand for when they get a hold of it. Many of the best cat toys come attached to strings or sticks so that they can be moved around in a way that entices your kitten to chase it and also keeps your skin out of the way! However, these are the best kitten toys to play with your kitten with rather than to leave your kitten with. Especially when they are young, they can easily become tangled up in the strings. The Rainbow Cat Charmer is a great example of a toy on a string. It’s thick enough to avoid most entanglements and swallowing.

Oliver and Freddie currently love these pompoms on a ribbon. They came as a decoration for something else, but have been very handy at getting Freddie to play and for avoiding Oliver’s claws. It’s also short enough that they can be left to chase it around without any danger of getting wrapped up in it.

Kittens Toys To Chase Around

Kittens, like children, will get bored of even the best kitten toys. So it’s good to have a variety of things for them to chase around. This variety pack is ideal for having some toys out and some tucked away to rotate when your kitten loses interest. Small toys that cats can stalk, pounce on and then carry around as a trophy are great for them to play with on their own. It also enhances their natural hunting abilities. Slightly larger ones are fun to wrestle with and things that move create hours of entertainment. Battery powered mice or balls with bells are ideal for chasing. You can even put the balls in a box or bath tub so that your kitten can chase it around without losing it under the furniture.

Cats Toys To Chase In Circuits

While it might seem boring to us, kittens seem to love chasing things round in circles. Balls in circuits are the best cat toys to leave out when you’re gone. If you get something like the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit or the Petstages Tower of Tracks, the balls stay inside the tracks. This means that there’s no risk of them getting lost under the sofa and no choking hazard when you’re not around to supervise the playing. The balls move around inside the circuits with just a little push so your kitten can spend lots of time chasing them backwards and forwards.

Kittens Toys To Hide In

Oliver hanging out under the blanket

I’ve discovered recently that the kittens I have like to hide inside things. They’ll hang out under the blankets on the bed or inside the food stool for the sofa. They’ll even pull the curtain down and then just lie under it until I pick it up again. Having somewhere to hide gives them plenty of opportunity to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Usually each other, but also me frequently enough!

This cat tunnel is a great hide and seek toy. The cats can sneak in from multiple directions, take a peek out of the middle and plan their next attack. It’s also a lot of fun to play with things on strings in here, making your kitten look in different directions for the various cats toys you can dangle through the openings.

Of course, cardboard boxes are also fantastic hiding toys and they’re free with any Amazon delivery!

The Laser Pen

Of course, there’s always the good old laser pointer. For some reason cats go mad for the little red light and love to dart about pouncing on it. It’s a great way to exercise your kitten, entertain yourself and exert minimum energy in the process. This particular one from Sarah’s Summer comes with a lifetime guarantee. It even has the option of using it as a red laser pen or a white flashlight. You get 2 laser pens in the pack, although several people have mentioned that only one of them works. They also require one AA battery each, which is no included. Hundreds of people and cats alike have had hours of fun with just a red dot. It’s also and ideal cat toy for kittens as they can’t choke on it, get tangled up in it or destroy it immediately.


Playing with your kitten is a hugely important part of its development. It also stops them getting bored and becoming destructive. Finding the best cat toys to do this with can be a great way to keep your kitten entertained even when you’re not around. However, cats, like children, will find ways to amuse themselves with or without cats toys. Sometimes an empty box, a nail file or a rogue sock are enough to keep them amused while you do human stuff without them. As long as they get to play, they’ll be just fine.

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