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Welcome to our cat gallery! This is where we feature all of the Cat of The Week winners for your viewing pleasure. Get your Awww's ready for cuteness overload!

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This is Ginkgo, a rescue cat from Edinburgh, Scotland. She loves chasing her catnip mouse around, running crazy through the house and up the walls at 10:00pm and warm cuddles. Her favourite place to sleep is on a giant bean bag next to the radiator or on top of anyone who has a blanket.


This is Milo, who lives in Randburg, South Africa. When it gets too hot he likes to hang out in the sink.

Cat Of The Week

Meet Harvey! He's a super fluffy Birman cat. Although it's so soft and tempting, don't fall for that fluffy belly in the air. It's a trap!

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This is PigPen from Randburg, South Africa. So named because he is a little bit of a smelly cat. He is also the world's most persistent cat! If he decides that he likes you then he will find you. He will sit on you!

This little cutie is a stray that I scooped up in Rustenburg, South Africa. She had just woken up from under a bush and was meowing sleepily as I went by. If I hadn't lived 2 flights away, I would have taken her home!

This is Mya, a 9 week old kitten living in Falkirk, Scotland. She's still finding her feet with her new family and loves as many cuddles as she can get from them.

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This is Noss cat, from Mauchline in Scotland. Noss likes to be near to people. If she can't sit on you, she'll sit as close to you as possible and, if you let her away with it, you'll end up holding her head up for her too!

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I made friends with this kitty as he came running towards me in the street. He did then leave as soon as a new person walked past then came back when they left. Seems like rather a fickle cat! I named him Cuddles.

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PlayRightMeow Cat of the Quarter 1
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This week's Cat of the Week is Emi, who's a foster cat in Dubai. Emi is a hyperactive, lively cat, just 8 month old, who needs lots of interactive toys and interaction with her human. She's super cuddly and super playful. So much so that her foster human has decided to keep her!! <3

In true Crazy Cat Lady style, here are 5 of the 8 cats that live with our writer, Jennifer, in Roodepoort. Here we have Mia, Abbey, Milo, Buddy and Hunter, from left to right

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This guy was determined to be my friend, even meowing and chasing me down when I tried to leave! He found me walking home from work in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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This is a cuddly cat I met on my way home from work in Edinburgh, Scotland. He came out of his garden path to make friends with me so has earned a place as cat of the week 🙂

PRM Cat Of The Week

This is Shadow Cat. I found him in Singapore living on the streets. When I stopped he came running up and crawled into my lap then followed me home. We were best friends from that point on. He hid from everyone else in the shadows along the way and that's how he got his name.

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This is Scruffy, aptly named because her long fur kept getting into knots. Sadly, Scruffy died just recently, but she made it through 26 long years of a happy life.

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This is Gizmo from Edinburgh, Scotland. Gizmo was mistreated as a kitten, but has since found a new home where he is well loved and is now a happy, confident cat who is spoiled with affection.

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This is Freddie and Oliver. They are the kittens I'm looking after from Egypt. Both of them were found on the street when they were just 4 weeks old, but they were rescued and looked after and loved. Despite being a little shy at first, they are now very affectionate and active cats. Oliver especially enjoys knocking things over and Freddie loves to cuddle up with me whenever I sit still long enough

PRM cat of the week

This is 15 year old Alex, who lives in Cannich and loves to chase moths. It took me 2 whole days to get this close!