Optimsing Your Scooping Experience With Litter Box Accessories

Cat Litter Box Accessories
Written by Amy Wallace

Almost every cat owner is also the owner of a cat litter box. It’s definitely the least cute part of the cat, but it’s a necessity. Doing it right is also more important than many people realise until they do it wrong. But once you find the right litter tray for your new kitty, the right litter to put in it and the right place to keep it you and you’ve litter trained your cat to use it, then life gets better. From here you can do the fashionable thing and accessorise! Litter accessories are some things that you may just not think of. However, they make your litter experience so much better so here are some ideas to help.

Litter Mats

The point of a litter mat is to catch litter that your cat brings out of the tray with it. These often sit under or on front of the litter tray. They have either indented or raised sections to help catch the litter pellets or dust. The litter then stays on the mat instead of tracking all around your house.

PetLinks Purrfect Paws Mat litter box accessories

The Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat is designed to spread the paw pads as your cat walks on it to release any trapped litter before your cat wanders off and climbs on your bed for a nap. It’s super easy to clean, you can just pick it up and shake the litter off. The flexible rubber material allows the litter to be poured out of the recesses easily and can be cleaned quickly. It also comes in different sizes to suit your space and litter box size.

Poop Scoopers

These are pretty essential and they do just like the name suggests. If you have a litter box, you’re gonna need a scoop. Unless you plan to completely empty and refill the tray every day. This is time consuming and will quickly become expensive buying so much litter. With a scoop, you can pick out the poops and the clumps so that the litter box is still reasonably fresh and odour free for a while. If it’s full of lumps and smells bad, your cat will not use it. Just like we don’t want to use a dirty toilet, your kitty will go somewhere else. You may not even notice until you find the smell or step in the wet bit.

Endurance Stainless Steel Poop Scoop litter accessories

The Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box Poop Scoop claims to be the last scoop you’ll ever need to buy. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s quite sturdy and doesn’t bend when it comes up against some cemented-to-the-bottom litter. This also makes it great for scraping the bottom and sides of the tray and super easy to clean. The steel doesn’t absorb odours in the same way that plastic does and is antimicrobial. The handle fits around your hand, with grooves on the underside, for comfortable scooping. The slits in the scoop are narrow enough to let clean litter through but also to catch even small clumps.

Another option is the Booda Scoop'N Hide Litter Scoop. The cool thing about this one is that comes in its own little stand. So you can store it next to the litter box, access it easily and not have the dirty scoop part touching anything else. The storage container is patented with odour-trapping technology and it comes in a few different colours.

Odour Control Items

Let’s face it, poop smells. And those of us who have had cats know that there is nothing quite like the smell of cat pee. It’s definitely distinct! Sometimes, even the best litter trays can’t always keep the odour at bay. Luckily, some clever people have come up with some inventions to help us out. Along with covered litter boxes and specially formulated, odour controlling litter we can also add accessories to make the litter box smell just a little bit fresher.

Carbon filters will trap and neutralise smells from their surroundings. Quite a few covered litter boxes come with them installed for this reason. You can also add tray liners so that the litter can easily be cleaned up and doesn’t come into contact with the plastic tray as plastic tends to absorb smells. Then, when you have to resort to air freshener cause your cat ate something outside that it really shouldn’t have, there are some specially designed cat odour sprays that actually attack and remove the smell. This way you’re not just covering up poop with perfume. That never ends well.

Pet Zone Odour Control Kit litter box accessory

Pet Zone have conveniently put all of these things in one place for us! With the smart odour control kit, you can make emptying the litter tray easier with litter liners, add carbon filters (mostly fitted for the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Tray) and spray away the smells with a spray especially designed to catch and neutralise litter box odours rather than just cover them up.

Odour Control Storage

Litter Genie Litter Disposal Storage

There’s also a nifty little device from Litter Genie that traps odours from stored litter bags. If you live up a whole bunch of stairs or it’s just not convenient for you to go straight to the outside bin every time you empty the clumps and poop out of the litter box, you can store it in the Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System with Odour Free Pail System for a while.

This unimposing little box filters smells out of the cat litter stored in it. It uses antimicrobials to stop bacteria, which are responsible for a lot of the smell from poop, from growing. This then reducing the odours that the litter makes. The bags use something called barrier technology to stop odours getting out and come ready to load with 7 at a time. This way you just take one out when it’s full and the next one is already good to go! It can hold up to 2 weeks of cat waste and is small enough to fit into a cupboard, under a sink or in a corner.

Litter Box Camouflage

Some people just can’t stand the site of a cat litter box. It’s just a tray of gravel that sits there with poop lumps in it, making you look at it every time you walk past. Cats also have the epic timing of waiting until you have guests over to start digging and squatting in there. For some, a covered litter box is enough to hide away the kitty toilet. For those who still think that a big, bulky litter box with a cover is still an eyesore, you can hide your cat’s litter box in a prettier box.

Merry Pet House Litter Box Cover Accessory

Take a look at the Merry Pet House / Cat Litter Box Cover for inspiration. It looks just like a cabinet, with a opening for your cat to get in and out of and a fully opening door to make it easy to get in and clean. No-one will suspect a thing! It even has a shelf for you to store or display things and a towel rail… For obvious reasons… There are many ways to incorporate the litter box into your room to make it inconspicuous, this is just one example. You could even get a litter box that is a decoration itself, like the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box that comes hidden as a plant pot. The options are endless if you know what to search for.

If you're feeling artistic, you could customise your own. Check out this hobbit hole litter tray or Chain Chomp bed that could totally hide a poop box. Your imagination is your only limit. And maybe your craft supplies / skills.

Hobbit Litter Box
Chain Chomp Litter Box Accessorising


Having a cat requires some sacrifices and putting up with a litter box is one of them. However, it’s all worth it when that little ball of fluff curls up in your lap and purrs itself to sleep. It can be even more worth it when you know how to accessorise in order to optimise the litter box experience. I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how to make life with a litter box easier. If you still hate the thought of dealing with it though, you could consider a self-cleaning litter box to help with the process or even attempt toilet training. It’s a thing!

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