How To Litter Train A Cat In 5 Easy Steps

Written by Amy Wallace

Trying to figure out how to litter train a cat or a new kitten should be quite straight forward. In fact, they basically litter train themselves. Most kittens learn from their mothers and they have an inherent need to bury their waste. It hides their scent from predators in the wild. Despite this though, not using the litter tray is the number one reason that cats are given away to shelters. Often, there are several things we can do to encourage a cat to use the litter tray. Finding the right litter box is important, along with its location and what litter you are putting in there. Some cats can be picky and so they should be! Would you want to use a toilet that was too small, in the kitchen and smelled bad? Well neither does you cat.

So for those who are in the process of integrating a new little ball of fluff into their lives, here are some top tips on how to make the litter training experience as easy as possible. It’s even in picture form for your convenience!

How To Litter Train Your Cat

how to litter train your cat


There you have it, litter training 101. An important thing to keep in mind is that if your cat stops using the litter tray, it’s likely because there’s a problem with it. There can be several reasons for this and it’s important that you try to solve the problem and don’t just blame the cat. And of course, toilet training is also an option if you have the patience for it and a cat smart enough to figure it out.

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This is 15 year old Alex, who lives in Cannich and loves to chase moths. It took me 2 whole days to be allowed this close!

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