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PrettyLitter cat litter
Written by Amy Wallace

My first ever cat, Pebbles, arrived when I was just 7 years old. I had no idea he was coming. My aunt was visiting for the week and when she arrived, she brought with her a cat in a box!

Best Cat Ever

He was a shy tuxedo kitten, maybe around 4 months old, and he was to be my best friend for the next 17 years. Although we had other kittens come and go over that time, Pebbles was my special cat. He would sleep at the bottom of my bed and I would tell him all my troubles. It was hard moving away for university and leaving him behind, but he was always happy to see me when I went home. I planned to move him to Edinburgh with me after I finished my degree and got a place to live that I would spend more than 10 months in.

However, just as this was coming about, I got a call from home to say that Pebbles had been taken to the vet, and the vet said there wasn’t much to be done for him. Pebbles had been getting old lately and was not as mobile as he once was, but it turned out that he had also gone into kidney failure. The vet had implied that he should have been brought in much sooner and could have been treated at that point, but now it was too late. I was devastated and cried my heart out when I heard that I wouldn’t get to even say goodbye to him.

An All To Common Story

Pebbles had shown no symptoms of a kidney infection until it was too late. Other things that may have been an indication that something wasn’t quite right, we had put down to his age. We had no way of telling that there was something worth taking him to the vet for.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common story. It also happened to Daniel Rotman, who lost his cat Gingi. Apparently, Gingi had been sick for quite a while without anyone noticing. If it had been spotted sooner, there may have been the chance of something being done to help.

Daniel Rotman is a Harvard graduate from LA and during his trips to the vet with Gingi, he saw that the vet was using urine samples as well as blood samples to check on Gingi’s health. This gave Daniel an idea. If he had been able to see signs of Gingi’s illness in his urine, then he would have known much sooner to that something was wrong. It would also be much more cost effective if urine monitoring was something that could be done without having to take a trip to the vet every time. This is where PrettyLitter was born.

How PrettyLitter Saves Lives

Everyone who has a cat, needs cat litter. Even though we had outdoor cats, we also lived in Scotland. There were days where it was raining all day long, or it was cold, or it was both! And the cats refused to be shunted out of the house. So we still had a litter tray in case of emergencies. And with a litter tray, comes cat litter.

The litter in our tray was just some absorbent pellets, but those who have indoor cats have to be more picky, as I am now disovering. They look for the best cat litter for odour control, or the best cat litter for allergies. You also get wood pellet cat litter, dust free cat litter, no track cat litter, biodegradable cat litter… Choosing the best cat litter can be a challenge in itself! But what if there was a cat litter that actually had the ability to save your cat’s life? Would that make the choice easier? Well that’s exactly what PrettyLitter offers.

PrettyLitter cat litter

PrettyLitter is absorbent and one of the best cat litter for smell removal, but it also monitors your cat’s health at the same time. It detects the pH of your cat’s urine (how acidic or basic it is) and changes colour accordingly. The litter crystals are fine and white coloured so colour changes are clear and obvious. It turns green if the urine is too acidic and blue if it’s too alkaline. It also goes mauve if there is even trace amounts of blood in the urine. The litter can even detect bilirubin, which is excreted if there is a kidney problem. These indicators will let you know that there is something wrong with your cat before he starts showing signs of being sick. You can get him to the vet and treat a minor infection before it becomes a full blown organ failure.

How PrettyLitter Compares To The Best Cat Litter

The health benefits of PrettyLitter are indisputable. Every cat owner will read this and understand that this is clearly the best cat litter for their feline. However, the best of something is usually also the most expensive. And what are the tradeoffs? If you have a small apartment and you’ve spent a long time choosing the best kitty litter that doesn’t track all over it or the best cat litter for odour control, do you really want to change that? Especially if your cat likes the one you have.

PrettyLitter Is Super Absorbent And Long Lasting

best cat litter PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter is not a clumping litter, so it’s safe to use for kittens. It’s made up of fine crystals, designed specifically to absorb moisture and trap it inside. From there, it can eliminate the urine smell. This means that the the litter will last longer as the crystals can be reused rather than forming lumps that need to be scooped out every day. Also, less work for you, ‘cause nobody likes scooping. Unless you already have an automatic cat litter box that does this for you. In which case, lucky you! The crystals are made from natural ingredients, are chemical free and are even biodegradable. They won’t create dust like most clay cat litter does and don’t stick to your cat’s paws. This keeps it inside the litter tray. So along with the incredible health monitoring technology, PrettyLitter compares pretty well to the competing best cat litter out there.

PrettyLitter Is Cost Effective

In terms of cost, I would have expected this to be a more expensive choice of cat litter. However, the awesome people at PrettyLitter have done a lot of market research in what people pay for litter. The outcome is that PrettyLitter is cheaper, on average, than the leading competitor brands by $1.42 / month. Think of all the things you could buy with those savings!!

Ok, on a more serious note, the main point here is that it’s not more expensive. The fact that it isn’t cheaper doesn’t really matter because you’re paying the same price as you would for a regular cat litter, but getting more for that price. I think that’s worth it.

As well as this, PrettyLitter works on a subscription service. Once you opt in to it, you will receive a bag of PrettyLitter every month, delivered to your door. I remember hauling huge bags or cat litter back from the pet shop. I also remember not realising that there was none left until the bag was empty. At that point, I would just hope that the cats didn’t need to pee until I had been to the pet shop. If someone delivered this to my door to save me carrying it and also made sure that I never ran out of it, I would have appreciate this very much. PrettyLitter even covers the shipping.


I’m currently looking after two kittens that have been moved to Edinburgh from Egypt and as indoor cats in a relatively small flat, the litter is an important feature! What we’re using now is not quite cutting it. I’ve just ordered PrettyLitter for them and can’t wait for it to arrive.

PrettyLitter could literally make the life or death difference to your cat. The creator of the product did so through a love for his cat and the heartbreak of losing him unnecessarily. On top of this, the developers of PrettyLitter have made sure that their product is environmentally friendly, affordable and convenient. They even deliver all over the world. There is literally no reason that you should not be using this cat litter. Let’s save all the Pebbles’s and Gingi’s of the world.

You can check out all the features and sign up for your subscription to PrettyLitter at or by clicking on the button below.

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